Warrior Skill Guide in Godswar
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Warrior Skill Guide in Godswar

Warrior Skill Guide in Godswar
Icon Name Required Level Introduction
Light Chop Lesser Light Chop (Level1)

Light Chop (Level15)

Greater Light Chop (Level30)

Major Light Chop (Level45)

Chops a single target with light, dealing physical damage.
Whirlwind Lesser Whirlwind (Level35)

Whirlwind (Level55)

Greater Whirlwind (Level75)

Major Whirlwind (Level85)

Wield a sword to produce a whirlwind, dealing physical damage at a single target.
Flash Chop Lesser Flash Chop (Level75)

Flash Chop (Level90)

Greater Flash Chop (Level100)

Major Flash Chop (Level110)

3Chops the target with flash, dealing physical damage
Sword Storm Lesser Sword Storm (Level10)

Sword Storm (Level30)

Greater Sword Storm (Level50)

Major Sword Storm (Level70)

Freezes the nearby air and then transforms the ice into sharp blades to attack nearby enemy targets, dealing physical damage.
Blood Claw Lesser Blood Claw (Level5)

Blood Claw (Level25)

High Greater Blood Claw (Level45)

Major Blood Claw (Level65)

Attacks the target with blood claw for physical damages. Chance to hit causing durative damages.
Rage Claw Lesser Rage Claw (Level50)

Rage Claw (Level70)

Greater Rage Claw (Level90)

Major Rage Claw (Level109)

Attacks the target with rage claw for physical damages. Chance to hit causing durative damages.
Stun Lesser Stun (Level14)

Stun (Level40)

Greater Stun (Level66)

Major Stun (Level85)

Super Stun (Level103)

Stuns the target. Chance to hit causing a specific state. During the duration, the target cannot perform any action.
Expose Armor Lesser Expose Armor (Level20)

Expose Armor (Level42)

Greater Expose Armor (Level64)

Major Expose Armor (Level86)

Super Expose Armor (Level108)

Casts the spells on nearby enemy targets for reducing both their physical defense and magical defense.
Holy Ward Lesser Holy Ward (Level10)

Holy Ward (Level34)

Greater Holy Ward (Level58)

Major Holy Ward (Level82)

Super Holy Ward (Level106)

Launches a holy ward to reduce physical damage to a certain amount.
Steel Rain Lesser Steel Rain(Level55)

Steel Rain (Level80)

Greater Steel Rain(Level97)

Major Steel Rain(Level106)

Transforms warrior's rage into sharp blades to attack nearby enemy targets.

Passive Skills


Name Introduction
Basic Physique

Build a better physique by continual exercise to increase maximum health.

Basic Wrist Strength Focus strength on wrists to increase melee attack power.
Basic Defense Increases melee defense.
Basic Accuracy

Increases hit chance.

Basic Will

Hardens will to increase maximum mana.

Ancient Swordplay

Study ancient spearplay techniques to increase melee damage.

Phalanx Duty Specialize at using shields to increase melee defense.

Casting Net

Cast a net to dodge the enemy's attack, increasing dodge chance.
Improved Armor Take good care of the equipped armor to increase damage absorption effect.
Lion's Blood Increases health restoration speed.
Perseus' Swordplay Learn Perseus' swordplay techniques to increase duration based spells hit chance.

Improved Healing

Increases healing done by magical spells.

Thrace Swordplay Learn Thracian swordplay techniques to increase melee attack power.
Gorgon's Blood

Increases maximum health.

Aquarian Order

Gain power from Aquarian order to increase critical strike resistance chance.

Reinforced Armor

Reinforces your armor to increase damage absorption effect.
Bear's Steadiness Increases magical defense.
Perseus' Defense Learn Perseus' defense to increase duration based spell resistance chance.

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