Wakfu MMORPG (Eniripsa's Hands)
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Wakfu MMORPG (Eniripsa's Hands)

Wakfu MMORPG (Eniripsa's Hands)

 Wakfu MMORPG (Eniripsa's Hands)

Eniripsas have always been renowned for their talent as healers. A single word whispered through kindly teeth is enough to double the lifespan of a companion.

Their knowledge of language is unmatched, and it is even said they speak many tongues forgotten by all other races.

Key Facts:

  • Role type: Healer.
  • Hit Strength: Limited. They can't stay in close contact and they need to play around with their positioning.
  • Flexibility: Excellent. They can be very useful in attack and indispensable in defense.
  • Cooperation: Excellent. They help their allies with heals, resurrections and improvements (buffs). This class is designed for support and teamwork.
  • Fighting Position: Neither completely at the back (they have to stay in range), nor completely exposed (their self-defense is limited). It's better that they're not targeted.
  • Easy Target: An opponent who relies on States, because they can easily counter many of them.
  • Difficult Target: Warriors who are strong at close combat.


  • Have you ever healed the Living Dead? The results can be explosive!
  • A bag of meat! That's all you need to protect yourself.
  • Watch your back, especially if a Sram's around!


Elemental Spells

Itsade Mark

This mark will transfer half of the target's remaining HP when it dies.

Eting Mark

This mark will transfer half of the target's remaining WP when it dies.

Amil Mark

This mark will transfer half of the target's remaining AP when it dies.

Coney Mark

This mark will spawn a Coney when the target dies.

Renewal Mark

This spell will bring back to life for one turn the marked enemy. During this turn, they will be at your order.

Word of Healing

Word of Healing is an Eniripsa's main healing spell. It is easy to use and effective.

Word of Invigoration

A word carried from ear to ear. Heals the target as well as three allies around.

Word of Vitality

Word of Vitality allows the Eniripsa to restore a group of allies' Health Points, even if it is not particularly powerful. Be careful not to heal the enemy...

Renewing Word

A minor healing spell, not very effective but not expensive either.

Word of Recovery

Word of Recovery can go through obstacles and heals a lot. However, it requires Wakfu in order to be used.

Pain Flask

"A little bit of Arachnee, some rat fur, 2 or 3 secret ingredients... That's it, bring in the pain!"

Psyko Flask

This flask will cause damage to enemies as well as making them mad.

Fear Flask

The Eniripsa frightens its target, pushing it back one cell. Does not cause damage to allies.

Infected Flask

Throws a highly infected flask, which applies the gangrene state.

Lethargy Flask

This flask plunges into sleep all the people located around the area where it lands.

Specialized Spells:

Counter Nature

The Eniripsa punishes its target by transforming it into a Living-Dead creature for a short duration.


The Eniripsa increases the total HP of all of their allies.

Super Coney

Transforms a Coney into a Super Coney, a very efficient healer.


This spell allows the Eniripsa to recover a small percentage of their initial Health Points after being hit.

Heal Drain

This ability allow the Eniripsa to heal themselves when a healing spell is cast during a fight.


The Eniripsa is able to convert into healing the damage they take.

Expert Healer

The Eniripsa is an incomparable healer. Its heals are more effective than others'.

Explosive Mark

All the monsters marked will deal damage around the mat the time of their death.


The Eniripsa can switch to a different plane, which allows them to avoid spells.


The Eniripsa retrieves all effects and states of the target.

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