Tetris Battle: Methods in Clearing Lines
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Tetris Battle: Methods in Clearing Lines

Tetris Battle and Tetris itself brings frustration to the beginners, intermediate and even to the experts in some cases it all goes to the strategy one is using.

Tetris Battle and Tetris itself brings frustration to the beginners, intermediate and even to the experts in some cases it all goes to the strategy one is using. There are numerous ways of playing Tetris Battle here are some :

 Logical / Freestyle

 This is the most common method used by users in Tetris Battle, it only involves using logic and can go around freely, and this method is the one responsible for making other methods. This method makes the user of the Tetris Battle to really think about where his tetrominoes are going to be placed.

One Liner


This method involves leaving One Line vertically without any tetrominoes in Tetris Battle. The user will usually build up a pile of tetrominoes up to 8 lines then store one l (long blue tetrominoe). When another l appears the user will drop it to the vacant space thus sending 4 lines to the enemy, when another 1 tetrominoe is dropped the user will send 7 lines to the enemy this is especially surprising in Tetris Battle and can lead to your enemies’ knockout if used properly. This is one of the common methods in early Tetris Battle where most foes are beginners.

Two Liner


The next level of methods in Tetris Battle, this method involves the same principle as the One Liner method except that you leave two lines instead of one. In Tetris Battle the more combos you do the more lines you send and this is the point of Tetris Battle. Doing this until you reach a height of up to 10 lines can send as many as 20 lines to your enemy if used properly. The two lines seem to be filled up perfectly with the tetrominoes you get.


 This is a harder and more challenging method because you have to set the lines that would enable you to do a T-SPIN. The T-SPIN is a concept in Tetris Battle wherein you “spin” the T shape tetrominoe for it to fit in the gap.

ST Stacking


This is the method used by most of the “expert” Tetris Battle players it involves making gaps for double T-SPINS and should  is recommended to be attempted on Tetris Battle games without bombs unless you are already an expert. One typical clear is worth 4 lines sent which is very high considering that you are able to do it quickly. There is a youtube video which shows more than 200 lines sent to enemy. Considering that it’s only a 2 minute game in Tetris Battle, the method is really deadly.

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I am already level 35 in Tetris Battle and I am trying my best to reach level 100 just to become a God of Tetris. However, it is really hard to reach that level and I really need a lot of time to that. Please write more informative articles just like this, I really learned a lot, keep it up! (LIKED and SHARED)