Runescape: Fish Mask
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Runescape: Fish Mask

Runescape players often get a hype from new items. The new item receives a lot of attention which makes its price constantly increase. After the hype subsides many players are disappointed to realise that the item is not worth the amount of gold coins. The new item generally drops down a few days after the hype. Many Runescape players taking this as an opportunity to merchant for money. This article is about the addition of the Runescape Fish Mask.

The Fish Mask is a cosmetic item recently added on Runescape. It has no positive bonuses except for compliments received while fishing. The Fish Mask was added along with an updated Fish Flingers. The theme of a Runescape feature: Squeal of Fortune changed into Squeal of Neptune. The Squeal of Fortune is a daily activity which allows Runescape players to gain prizes and bonuses. Squeal of Fortune is Runescape’s version of Wheel of Version.

For a temporary time only the rewards of Squeal of Fortune were changed to accommodate a fishier theme and thus being temporarily named as Squeal of Neptune. The Fish Mask is one of the new items in Runescape created in celebration for the Fish Flingers update. The Fish Mask was ranked as an uncommon prize from the Squeal of Neptune. After a number of days Squeal of Neptune reverted to the standard Squeal of Fortune. The status of the Fish Mask also became a rare prize making the demand from Runescape players increase.

Almost everything in Runescape has an examine option, the Fish Mask’s unique Runescape examine option says that it allows you to fish for compliments. Therefore making its only use is someone making compliments of you while fishing. This item is not recommended as the new rewards from Fish Flingers allow you to gain more experience while fishing. More experience is important in Runescape especially with a skill such as fishing.

The Fish Mask, although a purely useless item in Runescape will not drop below 500k because of its High-Alchemy value. So winning the Fish Mask from the Squeal of Fortune will yield the Runescape player instant cash.

The Fish Mask’s release price and street price are different. The Runescape Grand Exchange only increases the price of the Fish Mask by a small amount compared to its actual street price from Runescape Players. The Runescape players are offering ridiculous amounts just to try the Fish Mask. This is because of the curiosity of players over a new item.

The Fish Mask, although with a steady increase in Trade Price, experienced a sudden dropped from its Street Price due to the hype leaving the Runescape Players. Soon after the Fish Mask became a rare prize from the Squeal of Fortune, the price then doubled.

Many Runescape players earn a lot of money flipping Fish Masks. The Runescape player is only limited from buying 2 Fish Masks from the Grand Exchange. However, he is able to buy from other Runescape players and sell at the Grand Exchange for an infinite number of times.

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