Runescape: F2P Magic Training and Levelling Guide
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Runescape: F2P Magic Training and Levelling Guide

This is a Runescape Magic Levelling Guide.


Free-to-play Magic training

Training magic in free-to-play is rather tedious and requires attention, but experience can be gained relatively quickly. Magic training is, for the most part, not extremely expensive, and training up to level 59 can allow a player to use many common and useful non-member spells, including Varrock Teleport, Falador Teleport, Superheat Item, High level alchemy, and Fire blast.

Quests With Magic Experience

It is suggested that you finish these quests before training magic, as it results in some quick magic experience at low levels if necessary items are bought. None of the quests have any skill requirement.

? The Blood Pact (100 Magic Experience)

? Witch's Potion (This is no longer a quest but a task for its reward of 325 Magic Experience.)

? Imp Catcher (875 Magic Experience)

Doing these quests gives a total of 1300 magic experience, which brings a player's magic level above 10.

No cost methods

Fist of Guthix

The Fist of Guthix activity gives free runes that can be used only within the game. Training here can save lots of money, considering spells that require death runes are very expensive. This method is recommended for more experienced players with a good amount of defence and constitution, as players with low combat levels will lose often and receive few tokens.

Also, if you wish to train magic quickly, wearing bronze or iron Armour reduces damage caused to very little if any. This means you can cast vast numbers of spells (180+), therefore gaining lots of experience. This works well for quick exp, but if you plan on pvping or killing stronger enemies, this may not be the choice for you.

Using Fist of Guthix rewards is also an effective way to train Magic. Combat robes are the best choice.


Players can use magic in combat to gain magic experience in Daemonheim. This magic experience will come as an added bonus to the Dungeoneering experience. As with the Fist of Guthix activity, this method of training magic experience is somewhat slower than methods of powertraining magic listed below, but comes with extra rewards (both Dungeoneering experience and rewards).

In general, players who wish to train magic in Dungeoneering should bind a Catalytic staff and/or fire staff, and perhaps magic armour such as a Bryll robe top. Players with high Runecrafting can craft many runes quickly, and may find the Catalytic staff more effective, while players with low Runecrafting may find the fire staff more effective. If a player binds the Magical Blastbox, which is an ammo item, charges it with 125 bolts/blasts, and also binds a Staff of their chosen element, the player will be able to use 125 bolts/blasts each dungeon until either item is destroyed.

Although any given dungeon will usually require at most 20 casts of Gatestone Teleport, players with at least 32 magic and 27 Runecrafting who are dedicated to training Magic should craft a large number of Cosmic runes. Repeatedly quick-casting Create Gatestone and dropping the Gatestone results in up to 66k/hour Magic Experience. Doing this at well-chosen times, such as while fighting the first few monsters, or while waiting for the dungeon to end, can result in quick magic experience.

Buying Magic Dungeoneering rewards is also an effective way to train Magic. You can use the same Staff-Blastbox method to conveniently save space and easily train. Dungeoneering Stave Rewards, a Tome of Frost, and Arcane Necklaces are useful as well.

Available F2P Dungeoneering Rewards are: -Arcane pulse necklace -Arcane blast necklace -Magical Blastbox -Tome of Frost -Nature Staff -Law Staff -Gravite Staff


Players can gain magic experience by splashing it is a new method in RuneScape since the release of the "Wind Rush" spell.

You will need: An Air staff, the best set of Armour that you can afford, and gauntlets (optional).

Note: Before you try this, please understand that these methods may take huge amounts of time, so are generally not very effective. You only get an estimated 3300xp per hour. The only pros of this method are that it is completely free, assuming you already have the staff and armor, and that you can use them while away from the computer.

1st Method:

First, go to Varrock, then go into the palace. Equip your armor, and air staff. Find the caged monk of zamorak, if someone is already attacking, change worlds and try again. Then attack the monk with air rush, realize you barely do any damage to the monk, but you still get experience for it, this method is used so your enemies won't die and you won't need to find another to fight. The monk is a mage, meaning its magic defence prevents damage even more.

2nd Method:

Go to Edgeville, cross the bridge, jump over the wilderness wall, then keep going right until you see the black knights, there will be two of them. Attack one of them, the black knight will not able to attack you while you cast air rush on him. When it has died (If it does) switch to the other knight, and if you kill the other knight before the 1st knight re-spawns, switch worlds. It is recommended that you go to worlds that have few people.

3rd Method:

Go back to Varrock, find a guard, then get behind a defensive barrier that won't let it reach you and attack it with air rush. After it dies, go to a different one and repeat.

4th Method:

Go to the Wizards' Tower, south of Draynor Village, go to the top floor of the tower and you should see a room with a lesser demon behind a fence if not wait a few seconds for it to regenerate and cast attack spells on it, you can use this method for ranged combat. if you right click the bars and press taunt, you (if you have not yet completed it) will complete the Come in here and say that task in the Lumbridge/Draynor set.

Levels 1-99

Level 1 to 11

Cast Wind Rush on rats or ducks. it gives 2.7XP per cast. A staff of air is recommended, since this spell only requires air runes, this makes it a completely free method of training. (Wearing melee Armour with high negative magical attack bonuses (such as full iron) prevents you from having to switch target.) you can also do this to level 99, although this is highly unrecommended. You may also choose to go to the Wizards' Tower. On the top floor there is a caged lesser demon. Wind Rush is recommended.

Level 1 to 13

Cast Wind Strike on chickens through levels 1-13. It gives 5.5XP per cast. A staff of air is recommended. Only 334 casts are required to get level 13, which is 1,002 for 334 Mind runes and another 783 for the staff.

Level 13-25

Cast Wind Strike on high-lifepoint monsters in safe spots (preferably the Lesser Demon in the Wizards' Tower) until you get to level 25. Since all you need is a Staff of Air and mind runes, it's very cost-effective. Once you get to level 25, see the guide below on what to do.

Level 13+

Cast Fire Strike on cows. A staff of air is recommended. It costs -10 less coins than Water Strike and Earth Strikeand does considerably more damage. If one banks the cowhides and raw beef, this actually turns a reasonable profit. Beefy Bill is recommended for this as the run to a bank is usually long. Kill the cows north west ofLumbridge castle, if you are going to use Beefy Bill.

Alternatively, kill the cows on the field between Lumbridge and Al Kharid, and deposit raw beef and cowhides in the bank upstairs the Lumbridge castle, which is closer than Beefy Bill. You can either also deposit the bones(note that this means more frequent trips to the bank), or bury them for Prayer experience. Once you run out of runes, withdraw the beef and hides (and bones, if you kept them) as notes and sell on the Grand Exchange for far larger profit, possibly restocking on runes at the same time. Selling the items yields 138 coins (or 201 coins with bones), and as the runes for an average kill cost approx. 21 coins, there's 117 (180) coins profit per kill.

Level 19+

With the introduction of the Dungeoneering skill, free-to-play players may now cost effectively use the "curse splashing" method that members often employ by wearing armour that gives negative magic attack bonuses, such as full iron armour with vambraces, and repeatedly casting the Curse spell on an enemy so that the spell will miss and can be instantly cast again for experience. This can be achieved without the use of a mud battlestaff or mystic mud staff that members have access to, by equipping the Tome of frost Dungeoneering reward item with a staff of earth for unlimited earth and water runes, and having body runes in the inventory. However, it may take quite a while to get the amount of Dungeoneering reward tokens required to purchase a Tome of Frost, and due to an update, curse spells may no longer be cast on Magic dummies in Lumbridge.

Level 21+

Get 30 of any item (30 Willow logs are strongly recommended) and explorer's ring 2, explorer's ring 3, orexplorer's ring 4. Cast low-alchemy using the ring. Although only allowed 30 times daily, it's free and earns 930 experience daily.

Level 25+

Get lots of law, fire ,and air runes or staff and continuously use the Varrock teleport spell. It requires no other items or any combat, so it is a fair way of levelling up magic. This can be expensive for lower level players, however, as law runes' price is high, 197 coins each. You earn 35 experience per cast. Casting Curse is much more cost efficient.

Level 29+

Buy one thousand air runes, five hundred chaos runes, and cast Earth bolt at level 35 Flesh Crawlers in the second level of Stronghold of Security. Also get an earth staff so you do not have to buy one thousand earth runes since they cost far more than air runes. You can find a safe spot directly south of the entrance with the level 35 Flesh Crawlers. This is a costly way of leveling up magic, but it is a fast way and Flesh Crawlers drop considerably good items, like gems (although a rare drop), a good amount of coins and mind runes. It isn't a very popular spot, and this allows you to stay for longer periods of time without switching worlds. You have to be careful because for around 13 minutes, the Flesh Crawlers are aggressive. You can also train on Hobgoblins in theEdgeville dungeon from behind a wall.

Level 35+

Cast Fire Bolt on the black knights north of the Varrock wall.(it is highly recommended to jump over the wilderness wall(beware of pkers)and mage from there.)

Level 37+

Casting Falador Teleport is a very fast (although expensive) way of training magic. It gives 48XP per cast.

A staff of air or staff of water is recommended. Staff of air is highly recommended, because you need three air runes, and only one water. If air teleport using a teletab this could be the fastest way to train, with a law staff and tome of frost, you only have to use the air runes for this spell. Water and air runes can be purchased for 17 coins each from the Aubury's Rune Shop. You can decrease the cost of the Air runes by getting 30 free ones as well from the shopkeeper.

Prices at the GE are much higher for Water Runes (considering sell these at a profit at the GE when passing through Varrock), while Air Runes are about the same. But if you do not want to buy them at the GE, you can always craft them yourself.

The total amount of experience between level 37 and 43 is 22,866. This will mean you will have to cast Falador teleport 477 times to level from 37 to 43. This will cost you (if using a staff of air) around 92082 coins. Note: You can also use a tome of frost with air staff decreasing the training method to 343 gp per cast.

Level 37+

Bank all of your items and keep the following: 10 Water runes (or water staff), as many Law runes as you can and as many Air runes you can. Then, go to the Chaos Temple and cast Telekinetic Grab on the wine. Once you have a full inventory, teleport back to Falador/Edgeville, bank the wine and repeat the process.

Note: This is referring to the Chaos Temple (Asgarnia) north-west of Goblin Village, not the Chaos Temple above the Fist of Guthix entrance.

The wine sells for a very good amount, but that also makes the chaos temple a semi crowded area. Most of the time there are one or two others trying to grab the wine at the same time as you are. This can be avoided sometimes by world switching, but is not always successful.

Level 39+

Buy/Withdraw 500 Chaos runes, 1000 Air Runes (or an Air staff) and 1000 Earth runes (or an Earth Staff). Then walk to Varrock Sewers and cast Crumble Undead at the Zombie or Skeleton. The spell has a max hit of 150.

Level 43+

This may require a high smithing level (see Superheat Item for details).

Purchase all ores required at the Grand Exchange to smith iron, steel, mithril, adamant, or rune bars, equip a Fire staff, and use spell Superheat Item to smelt into bars. This is the fastest way to train Magic/Smithing simultaneously, generally breaking even. Superheat item gives 53 experience per cast, plus additional smithing exp (based on which kind of metal bar you are smelting).

The experience needed to level from 43 to level 55 is 139,163. This will mean you will have to cast Superheat Item 2,626 times to get to level 55. This used to give a small profit (from steel bars), but since the price of coal has risen, it doesn't any more. Instead it costs around 31gp per bar. When focused, it is possible to gain 70-80k exp per hour with this method (with steel bars).

However if mithril bars are Super Heated it is possible to get both your experience up and make a small profit.

Superheating is currently the most effective way to gain magic experience in F2p, if you cast it on iron ore which is around 100 gp loss/cast.

Level 49+

At this level, you can buy ruby amulets, cosmic runes, and a fire staff/fire runes. Cast Enchant Level 3 Jewellery to turn the amulets into Amulets of Strength, then resell them to the GE for a slight profit. This is an underrated method of gaining magic exp, and you can get over 100k exp/hr with this method.

The enchanting sound effect has three "rings" of sound. To make sure you don't enchant too quickly and skip over a few amulets, only enchant the next amulet after you hear the third "ring" from enchanting the previous amulet. With a bit of practice, you can enchant up to 1700 amulets per hour, which turns out to 103k exp/hr.

Level 55-99

High Level Alchemy allows one to convert items into Coins. Most players owe their high level of Magic to this spell, at 65 magic experience per casting, using a fire staff so as to only consume 1 Nature rune per spell. To find recommended items for this method please search "High Level Alchemy". If you do not have much cash, alchemise Steel equipment. This is one of the few spells that allow you to profit from. You can increase your profit by telegrabbing jugs of Wine of Zamorak while alching. Bringing your noted item, a fire staff and nature runes in conjunction with normal telegrabbing equipment you can cast high level alchemy 7 times between each telegrab. Hardleather Bodies are a Great way to make money while leveling up your Magic. They sell for 51gp, but when you use high alchemy on them they turn into 102gp (but only if you kill cows, take their cowhide, tan it into hard leather and craft it into hardleather bodies).

(Note that if Explorer's Ring 4 is in your possession you can use it to do 15 High Level Alchemy casts per day that cost no runes)

You will need 12,867,795 XP to go from 55 to level 99. This means you will have to cast High Level Alchemy 197,967 times to get from 55 to 99.

You can also use Superheat Item to help you make profit too, it can be used to help make armour which could be used for High Level Alchemy.


The best monsters to attack are those who have low magic resistance and cannot retaliate OR do too little damage to matter.

The list includes, but is not limited to:

? Cows ~ Low damage, and relatively high LP.

? Guards ~ Their Armour helps increase damage.

? Monks ~ Low damage, and relatively high LP. Also, they will heal you if you talk to them.

? Scorpions ~ Attack from the "safe spots".

? Black Knights ~ Their Armour helps increase damage. In the Black Knights Fortress is a "safe spot" behind the spear wall.

? Hill Giants ~ High LP and low Def. there are many safe spots in Edgeville Dungeon, but this area is usually crowded so there is much competition. (Bring some law runes to telegrab some loot. You need at least 33 magic.)

? Moss Giants ~ Weak to Fire spells. There are a few safe spots in Varrock Sewers, making them a good alternative to Hill Giants if you don't want to compete for monsters.

? Lesser Demons ~ ONLY attack from "safe spots" (There is one in the Wizards tower, bring some law runes to telegrab some loot. You need at least 33 magic.)

? White Knights ~ 2nd floor on most east room. Jail cell allows "safe spots".

Magic Pure Training Guide

If you are a pure who just wants magic without leveling other skills, this guide will describe how to train magic without training constitution.

Note: You will need a significant amount of coins.

A very effective way to train magic without training health is to wear full iron and to use a combat spell, resulting in magic experience but no health experience. This causes you to have a lower combat level (however it's HARD to pk with 10-30 Constitution).

Note: It is no longer possible to cast Confuse, Weaken, and Curse on the Lumbridge Magic Dummies, so instead it is recommended to wear a metal Armour set to attack, as it is nearly impossible to hit your target, thereby giving you magic xp but no constitution xp.

Levels 1-3

Cast Wind strike on any monster or on the magic dummies in Lumbridge a full iron Armour is recommended when attacking monsters; you will need between; 19 and 32 casts per level. It is recommended to get the air and mind runes from the Magic Shop in Varrock.

An alternative is to buy Wizard's mind bombs to boost your level to 3 and cast Confuse to skip this section. This alternative will gain no Constitution experience.

Levels 3-11

Cast Confuse on the Magic dummies in Lumbridge (as you do not have to wait for their skill levels to go back to normal if you succeed). This gives 13 experience per cast; you will need 92 casts.

This will cost 2,950 coins; this includes the 92 Body runes and 184 Earth runes needed, as well as a Staff of water. A staff of water is recommended as it can be kept for future use.

Levels 11-19

Cast Weaken on the Giant Rats in Varrock sewers.. This gives 21 experience per cast; you will need 125 casts. This costs 3,000 coins, for 125 body runes and 250 earth runes; you should still wield your staff of water.

Safe-spotting the rats next to some bones is almost required.

Levels 19-43

Cast Curse on the Monk of Zamorak in Varrock. This gives 29 experience per cast; you will need 5,610 casts. This will cost 124,548 coins, for 5,610 body runes, 11,220 water runes, and a Staff of earth or 191,482 coins, for 16,830 earth runes, 5,610 body runes and a Staff of water.

This method is now much more difficult to use because you can no longer cast curse on the lumbridge dummies. While still effective, if your curse works, you will have to wait for the effects to wear off before casting again. At this point you would be better off switching worlds rather than waiting for the effects to wear off.

Levels 55+

Cast High level alchemy; Adamant platebodies are suggested, however they cost 9,739 coins each, so if you have one hundred thousand coins to spare, you can only alch 10 at a time (you may lose a small amount of money depending on prices). If you feel you cannot alch as much as you want to, try steel, or mithril.

You can also repeatedly cast combat spells on magic dummies ( air strike is recommended because it is very cheap, as it only costs 5 coins per cast if you have an air staff).

For more guides and updates to Runescape Guides, you can visit and join this facebook group:

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