Review: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
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Review: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Review: Amnesia: The Dark Descent: is this the game that brought back the survival horror genre to it's roots? You and a lantern with no weapons, it's either run, hide ... or die.

I was browsing through the list on MetaCritic when I found a game listed in the best PC games of all time, of cource, since I hadn't ever heard of this particular game, I was interested and went out to buy it after reading a couple of the reviews on that site.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a survival horror game, you don't get any weapons, and if you encounter an enemy, it's either going to be run or hide. The things that you can take with you are: a box of cinders, a lantern (you can get oil while going through the levels) and some other items that you can get while exploring. And gosh, you really need the lantern, because if you stay in the dark for too long, your sanity will drain and you will feel, both ingame as in real life, well, not particurarily good, and thus using the lantern, or staying in areas of light, will get you less sanity. Amnesia is an indie (independent) game created by only three (!) people, fo which one of them took care of all the graphics. Also, thumbs up for the guy who took care of all the movements, because you can basically move/rotate almost all movable objects in real life.

The Story: Daniel, you, the player, drunk a potion in the past and in the future he awakens in a castle Brennenburg, with amnesia, he still knows his name, but for the rest, no, he forget everything. On his way through the castle he finds out who he is and why the castle is so spooky through written notes all over the place. From one of the notes he reads that something is hunting him. I'm not going to tell you anything more about the story, because that would just ruïn the game, that relies heavily on it's story.

#There's also the option to create custom story's for Amnesia, but how that works, I haven't discovered yet.

Verdict: Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a great game, and it belongs where it is at the moment, in the top of PC games. Amnesia also brought back the almost gone "survival horror genre", and how! If you want a lot of creepy, scary moments packed together with a great story, then Amnesia is the game for you!

The points I give for Amnesia, based on it's great story and survival horror gameplay are: 94/100

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