Need For Speed: Most Wanted Review
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Need For Speed: Most Wanted Review

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Need for speed: Most Wanted is car racing game which was developed by EA sports. This game is still considered as one of the best games in Need for Speed series. After its release, Need for speed: Most Wanted sold over 6 million copies worldwide making it as one of the most successful game in this series.

This game is released under various platforms including Windows, XBOX, Nintendo, Playstation and in mobiles. This game was first released on December 6, 2005. Though before December 2, this game was released in many platforms, it is still considered that the release date is December 6, 2005.

Gameplay: Need For Speed: Most Wanted is a game in which the main player or driver(you) have to race and beat small racers and slowly climb the blacklist. The Blacklist contains 15 racers and the mission of the player is to be the top most blacklist racer i.e. to be the most wanted. There are some specific role given to some people. One role is of a girl named "Mia" who is an undercover cop but tries to rescue the player.

Razor is another character from the game who has the number one spot in Blacklist and who is the most wanted during the game. After beating razor the player captures the number one spot in the game but due to some intense climax the player escapes from a bridge set up by Mia and thus becomes the Most Wanted in Rockport. There is another character in the game who is a police, named "Cross", who tries to catch all the blacklist racers and always keeps an eye on the player.

Cross has an aim of stopping street racing in Rockport. Because of this Cross puts all his force to catch the player but the player has another plans and after beating all the racers, the player jumps his car over a bridge and rescues himself. After this, the Rockport police, especially Cross, puts the player's name on top of the Blacklist.

This game can be played online. At a time only four players are allowed to play in a race. This game received several praises and positive reviews. Praise was given for a number of things such as road maps, cars, storyline, graphics etc. It is considered as the one of the best versions of the NFS series. Several gaming review platforms like Metacritic, Gamespot, IGN and other organizations gave a very positive report to this game.

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