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Minecraft Adventure Maps, What Are They and How To Get or Create Them?

Within Minecraft it is possible to create your very own custom maps, or download maps that other people created. In this article I will explain to you what these maps are, how to get them, or how to create them yourself!

Introduction: What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a fairly new game created by the game studio Mojang Specifications. It is said that Minecraft was created in only a matter of days, which is believable because it is quite a basic game. But although it's a basic game, it has become really popular since open beta. While writing this the game has 6248262 registered users and there are 1812388 who bought the game already. The game itself features a system in which you can build anything you can imagine with blocks (comparable to lego and duplo). Minecraft is playable both through a client, and through your browser. Minecraft video:

Minecraft Adventure Maps: What Are They?

Within Minecraft it is possible to create your very own game levels: these levels are called "Adventure Maps". Minecraft Adventure Maps can be compared to World of Warcraft instances or raids. Adventure Maps can host numerous features, including puzzles, traps, dungeons, and a lot of monsters. Some Adventure Maps also feature survival gameplay, or a nice story, such as this one:

Doom by SlamBamActionman

-You slowly open your eyes, and find yourself staring at wall. Your cheek is flat against a soft, comfy bed. You roll around, and jump off the bed. Looking around, you see that you are inside a hotel room. You can't remember anything, but you don't like the situation. The door is locked, and the "bell" that is suppose to call for help is out of order. What now?

How To Get Minecraft Adventure Maps?

Option 1: There are numerous sites that give download links to Minecraft adventure maps, a (big) list can be found here: . The topic in the link also explains what the adventure maps are about and usually include a nice screenshot.

Option 2: If you do not like playing maps created by other players, and are in a creative mood, then you will find lots of joy in creating your own Adventure Map. I suggest you to watch some tutorial videos on YouTube for this, as it isn't the most fast and easy thing to do. See beneath for some tutorial links:

Please note that the last link supplies a tutorial designed for an earlier version of Minecraft but it will still help you create your own Adventure Maps.

Thanks for reading my article, and I hope you'll like your very own Adventure Maps.

In the months following the writing of this article, Minecraft turned out to be a greater success than it already was. You can learn here how that came to be.

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Interesting article on this game.

I have seen Minecraft mentioned a lot online and my sons have asked if we can install it. Thanks for the review, very useful.


The detailed description flashes sufficient information on mine craft adventures. Really a complete information


The above article is a complete description really merits appriciation


Nice article! And I'm happy to see my thread mentioned here :)

The blocks aren't comparable to Lego and Duplo.... they're just cubes.


I wanted to create an adventure map... This doesnt help me at all!!

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@Margaret Check option 2.