Lineage Class Guide
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Lineage Class Guide

Class Guide in Lineage


There are five different character classes in Lineage. Each of these classes has its own distinct features. Even within the same class, depending on how the player distributes their character's ability values (statistics), a completely different form of class could emerge.


Knights are the hardy warrior class of Lineage. Though not proficient at spells and magic, they are masters of pure physical combat.

Knights inherently have high strength and constitution values, making them superior to other classes in hand-to-hand combat. Under the feudal system, it is common for a Knight to sign a contract with a Prince/Princess and work under him/her in exchange for feudal land or monetary rewards. Knights in Lineage start out free without any ruling attachments.

Thus, the two major tasks faced by a Knight are to put every effort into developing abilities to the utmost and to find a Prince/Princess worthy of service.

The Knight can use nearly every kind of weapon and protective shield that appears in the game and possesses various talents that are useful in battle. The Knight cannot cast magical spells before level 50, but by acquiring the right equipment, he can use several basic types of magic.

Knights begin play in a new player zone called Hidden Valley.


Wizards are a combination of standard magicians and clergy, deriving their powers from forces loosed in the struggle between the good god Einhasad and Her nemesis, Gran Kain.

As Wizards cast spells and perform deeds, their alliance with one god or the other will grow stronger, but they are rarely truly devoted in either direction - most Wizards care more for the use of their power than the root of it.

Wizards pay for their power by being physically weak. They have poor physical combat skills and can only wear the lightest armor, but can cast many powerful magic spells.

Wizards start out with the energy bolt spell and may acquire their remaining first level spells when their character reaches level 4. They learn a new spell level every four character levels thereafter, up to the tenth spell level. They begin play in a new player zone called Singing Island.


Princes and Princesses (also known as Royals) are wandering scions of royal blood trained in the arts of war and sovereignty. These noble souls seek to regain the throne currently held by the Anti-King, and towards this end lead pledges of their companions to take over the various castles and lands in the world of Lineage.

Their abilities at battle do not match those of a Knight, their magic is not as expert as that of a Wizard and they are not as versatile as Elves. What the Prince/Princess does have is an outstanding power at governing and a natural charisma that attracts people.

These features are unmatched by the other classes and so the Prince/Princess naturally assumes a leadership position.

Except for a few specialized weapons, the Prince/Princess may use most of the weapons and defensive shields in the game. They may practice magic on a basic level. They are the only class that can create a pledge, assemble pledge members, lead a siege, or rule a kingdom.

Princes and Princesses may acquire first level spells when their character reaches level 10, and second level spells at character level 20. This class begins play in a new player zone called Singing Island.


Ancient and wise, the Elvenfolk inhabit the Elven Forest in the mid-western territory of the kingdom. Elves characteristically avoid contact with humans. However, some Elves develop relationships with humans out of respect for the wishes of the good god Einhasad who created the world for the benefit of humans above all others.

Perhaps the most well-rounded class talent-wise, Elves can learn magic, handle most armor and weapons, and see in caves or in the dark (also known as infravision). Among their own people, Elves do not use money. The economy of the Elven Forest is based on gathering natural resources and using them to create useful items.

Elves may acquire first level magic spells when their character reaches level 8, and a new spell level every eight character levels - up to the fifth spell level. They begin play in Hidden Valley but can choose to speak with Barnia to be transported to the Elven Forest.

Dark Elf

Spawned from the race of Elves, Dark Elves differ from their kinsmen in appearance and philosophy. They are a dark, beautiful and stealthy race, and follow the teachings of their god, Gran Kain. They prefer darkness to light, making their homes in the cozy dankness of a deep cave and have developed keen vision in utter darkness as a result.

They are often extremely capable assassins due to their elusive nature and very strong attack strength. Dark Elves are able to learn regular magic as well as their own form of magic, dark spirit magic. Regular magic can be learned at character levels 12 and 24.

Dark Elves can learn all three levels of dark spirit magic at the respective character levels of 15, 30 and 45 through the teachings of Sedia in Silent Cavern Village. Dark Elves begin play in the new player zone Hidden Valley but can choose to speak with Karen to be transported to Silence Cavern.

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