How to play well at Boomz 2.0 for beginners
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How to play well at Boomz 2.0 for beginners

A beginner's guide on how to play well in Boomz 2.0

If scared senseless after losing three games in a row at boomz, you wonder how you can play well against opponents in a quick game? Well this article will help you play well with a basic guide suited to your needs.

1. Update yourself and your game style

With items that increase your status, aside from voucher items and medal-based items, it wouldn't hurt to invest in point value items. For metallurgy and other functions. Point value is king here in this game.

2. Always prepare a guide missile

In any situation for the first attack, use a guide missile to have the first hit intact and to keep you in the groove of battle. For after that first hit you'll be able to measure your shots well without worrying of yourself getting the first attack and such.

3. Universal rule of thumb

The power range you should use is 30-45 when collecting power to fire that shot. 

4. The Paper Plane is your best friend.

In case of tight situations where you are stuck in a ditch made by your opponents, the best thing you can do is either move an inch and hope you wouldn't fall into a hole or use the paper plane option to move from the ditch to solid ground. Just make sure you'd fall into the right spot though, if not, you might fall into an even deeper problem.

5. Play as the "boss"

Another Boomz Tactic is becoming something similar to a boss. Committing a boss battle includes stocking up your entire tool box keys with health packs (regardless if it's solo or team packs) to not only cringe fear to your opponents but more over have additional health over your opponents.

6. If you're gone, you can still help

Given your opponent defeated you at the first part of the game, you can always provide support to your team, lucky if you didn't use the other items like the homing bullet or even the nuclear bullet, you can use it to the team's advantage so they can win victoriously.

7. Have fun; Experience is your teacher

With all these facts, all you simply have to do is have fun and let experience take your course when it comes to future battles. From there you'll learn the ups and downs of each attack, each angle, each win and each victory. Of course you'll win some, you'll lose some, so keep calm and enjoy the game of boomz with zest.

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