Garena Gold Membership and Shells Convertion
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Garena Gold Membership and Shells Convertion

Garena Gold membership shell convertion

To top up in garena , you simply need to go to 

You will have to go to the store and then click Redeem Gold Membership. To be a gold member for 1 month you will need 100PHP.

But, the problem is, people tend to click  top up shells which is very wrong. If you will click top us shells, what will happen is that you will have 100 shells wherein 1 PHP=1 Shell. If so, you will not instantly become a gold member. And that's the problem people tend to be confused. If you will use the Top up Shells button you will have to have 190 Shells to convert your shells into 1 month Gold Membership. In short, you will pay 190 PHP to be a gold member if you will use the top up shell button. But, if you will click the Redeem gold membership button, you will instantly become a gold member without any problem. You will only need to pay 100 PHP rather than 190 PHP. So, be very careful in topping up points in garena. The new system is quite confusing.  

If you will be a gold member, you will have the following benefits:

Instant Room Access - You don't have to wait anymore and just a simple click you can enter the room.

Double EXP Gain rate - If you want to enter all the rooms, you will have to level up. A gold member receives experience 2 times much with a basic member.

Exact Ping View - If your a gold member, you will have an exact view on the pings. If so, you can join the best host

 Highlighted Chat Message - When you chat on the rooms, your message color will be on yellow font. Then, it will get more attention.

Coloured Name - Having a colored name gives you fame!

Gold Membership:

1 Year(s)1900 Shell(s)

6 Month(s)1050 Shell(s)

3 Month(s)550 Shell(s)

1 Month(s)190 Shell(s)

So, it will be costly to convert shells in to gold membership. But, if you will directly click the Redeem gold membership, this will be the price:

10 PHP for 1 day gold membership

20 PHP for 2 days gold membership

50 PHP for 10 days gold membership

100 PHP for 1 month gold membership

300 PHP for 3 months gold membership

500 PHP for 6 months gold membership

1000 PHP for 1 year gold membership

If you'll the difference, it's a big money so please be careful topping up your account

Steps for Redeeming gold Membership

1. Go to

2. Click Member login and in put your Username and password. 

3. After logging in, Click store and then click Redeem Gold Membership.

4. Input your Card Number and Card password.

5. Check if you have written the correct Card Number and Password

6.  Click "Redeem Gold Membership" after typing in your Garena Prepaid Card number and password will immediately activate the Gold Membership to your account.

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Comments (5)

Excellent. Sorry, I'm out of votes


hey i accidentally topped up for shells not the redeem gold membership any way to buy gold membership with shells? (i have 20 shells)


but in the new GG system there is no more redeem goldmembership button

Well, the system changed. I'll just update sometime


That thing doesn't anymore exist. Damn, I feel like I've got scammed. Now I've wasted money for purchasing nothing... 50 Shells? What the heck will I do to that? (.....)