Cromoses and Destroyers Bestiary Guide in Tera
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Cromoses and Destroyers Bestiary Guide in Tera

Cromoses and Destroyers Bestiary Guide in Tera



Name: Cromoses

Ecology: Island of Dawn, grassy plains near Leander's Outpost, Tainted Gorge

Variants: Cromos, Wandering Cromos

Attacks: Bite, charge, trample

Defenses: The cromos's fast backstep may remove it from range of your next strike, and its sidestep defense keeps it out of the way of slow attacks. Its triple charge is very likely to knock you down, at which time you can’t counterattack, and will take extra damage.

Weaknesses: When it has committed to a charge, a cromos is extremely vulnerable to attack from anyone not directly in its path.


from Island Wildlife Notes, by Menak, First Expedition Zoologist

Cromoses are found south of Tower Base near Leander's Outpost, and in the Tainted Gorge. The prowling cromoses in the gorge may have been isolated there by whatever events led to the extreme contamination of that area. They are stronger and deadlier than their counterparts in the grassy plain surrounding Leander's Outpost, which is quite possibly a result of the arcane influences acting on that entire valley.

Cromoses will threaten anything that comes near, but do not attack unless provoked. They do not travel in packs, but roam their territories as solitary hunters.


Cromoses are quick to step back out of range after striking, and sidestepping helps them avoid slow attacks. They take their time to engage in a full charge, preferring to lunge in and bite a few times first. When they do charge, they are very likely to trample their opponent to the ground for extra damage. Each of these charges consists of three separate trampling attacks.

Before charging, a cromos raises both heads and howl. When it lowers its heads again, the best place to be is behind it. Once committed to a charge, it will continue in their original direction. If not in its path, this is your opportunity to damage it without fear of counterattack for several seconds.



Name: Destroyers

Ecology: Tainted Gorge, Island of Dawn; assorted other locations on both Arun and Shara

Variants: Destroyer, Cruel Inquisitor, Coalheart Inquisitor, Slave Warden, Slave Overseer, various others on both continents

Attacks: Fist attack, handclap attack, ground-pounding attack, jumping attack

Defenses: Destroyers depend far more on offense than defense. Their main advantage in a fight is the fact that despite being melee fighters, they can damage at a distance of eight meters.

Weaknesses: The observant fighter will soon discern the destroyers' dependence on the right-handed fist attack, and learn to avoid it by staying to a destroyer's left.


Excerpt from Demons All Around Us by Nyxera, 12th Loremaster to the Witches of Vadoma

The humanoid demonic hirelings known collectively as "destroyers" are called by many names in many parts of the world. Because they lack the intelligence or imagination for long-term plans and political agendas, they are invariably the pawns of others—lackeys with lots of muscle and no ambition. They are not generally given the respect of recognition as a class, though they clearly fall into two distinct but related physical types. Instead they are usually referred to by the job they're being paid to perform: warden, overseer, inquisitor, and so on.

The variety of destroyer found patrolling the area near the Shrine of the Demon God in the Tainted Gorge is smaller and weaker than destroyers found on either continent. This is extremely fortunate, given the relatively low level of experience of the average Federation recruit posted there.


Destroyers are armed with either clubs or scepters in their left hands, but although a destroyer may approach a foe swinging a weapon, it will not attack with it—the weapon is a bluff, and the outsized empty right fist is the real threat of the two.

In addition to striking with its giant fist, which is its typical opening move, the destroyer has three more powerful attacks in its arsenal of skills. Fortunately, it's possible for the smart fighter to predict each type of attack by the behaviors that precede it.

The handclap attack occurs after the destroyer has clenched its fists and raged, and its eyes have flashed red. Then it will bring both fists together, catching an unwary foe within four meters of it between its powerful hands.

When the destroyer raises both fists skyward, it’s getting ready to pound the ground in front of it, causing shock damage to anyone within eight meters.

When a destroyer crouches down close to the ground for a few seconds, it’s preparing to execute a flatfooted jump that will crush anything within eight meters.

Destroyers are not particularly fast on their feet, and the wily fighter will be able to use a combination of tactics—moving outside the destroyer's range as soon as it commits to an attack, and timing attacks to do the most damage while the destroyer isn’t actually striking.


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